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Even if you're not an expert angler, leading a river exploration for the F•Y•S•H Foundation can still be a fulfilling and exciting experience. By sharing your enthusiasm for nature and adventure, you can help others discover the beauty of our waterways and the wildlife that inhabit them.

You don't have to be a professional guide to lead a river trip as long as you have a good understanding of safety measures, navigation, and "leave no trace." The Foundation can provide resources to help you plan and prepare for your excursion, including information on local fish species and wildlife, tips for finding prime locations for such an activity, and guidance on responsible fishing practices if you choose to do so.

When you volunteer to lead a river trip, you'll have the opportunity to meet and connect with people from all walks of life who share your love for the outdoors. You'll lead a group of eager adventurers excited to learn, explore, and create lasting memories.

Leading a river trip for the F•Y•S•H Foundation is not just about fishing; it's about fostering a sense of community and appreciation for our natural resources.
By stepping up as a leader, you'll be making a valuable contribution to the Foundation's mission and helping to inspire the next generation of conservationists and outdoor enthusiasts.

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For those that do not possess the ability or resources to enjoy nature to its fullest, please help us ensure underserved communities & individuals receive more opportunities.


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