Raphael Victor, the Vice President of the F•Y•S•H Foundation, brings a unique perspective to the organization. Originally from Paris, France, Raphael has been an avid angler since childhood. He came to the United States to work as an industry-leading engineer supervising large construction projects. Despite his successful career, Raphael found solace and escape from the fast-paced world of building in fishing. At a fishing event in Seattle, he met Lael Johnson, the founder of the F•Y•S•H Foundation. Raphael became Lael's first fly fishing spey client, and he still fondly remembers catching his first fish on the swing under Lael's guidance.

Lael and Raphael have since traveled extensively together, fishing in many locations across the globe. Through their shared love of fishing and the outdoors, they created the idea of making the F•Y•S•H Foundation a reality. As a new father and a dedicated husband, Raphael is passionate about passing on the joy of fishing and the outdoors to the next generation. He believes providing opportunities for children to experience the beauty of nature and gain independence through outdoor activities is essential. With his expertise in supervising large projects and love for the outdoors, Raphael is a valuable member of the F•Y•S•H Foundation team, bringing a unique perspective and skill set to the organization.



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