James Casey is not only a valued board member of the F•Y•S•H Foundation, but he also serves as the foundation's treasurer. Originally from Washington State, James is a highly accomplished individual with a deep passion for fishing and the great outdoors. He earned his Master's in Agriculture from Washington State University and has since become a licensed contractor with a keen eye for building projects showcasing his love of nature.

James is also an avid Steelheader, and it was through his passion for fishing that he met Lael Johnson, the founder of the F•Y•S•H Foundation. As a dedicated angler and an expert in the field, James brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the foundation's efforts to promote the healing and therapeutic benefits of fishing and the outdoors.

In his role as treasurer, James plays a crucial part in the foundation's day-to-day operations, managing finances and helping to ensure that the organization remains sustainable and effective in achieving its mission. His dedication and expertise make him an integral part of the F•Y•S•H Foundation team, and his contributions are deeply appreciated by all who work with him.

He is known for his patience, attention to detail, and dedication to ensuring his clients have an unforgettable fishing experience. His expertise and love for fishing make him a valuable member of the F•Y•S•H Foundation and an essential asset to the angling community.



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